The Lutterwells, from The Tigress on the Hearth by Margery Sharp

The Tigress On The Hearth

Hugo Lutterwell, the innocent abroad, is the perfect foil for a Margery Sharp comedy. He has bumbled himself into a potentially deadly situation, and is about to be rescued in a most unconventional way.


The Nymph and the Nobleman

‘It may be the moon had something to do with it.’ This novelette, like a Pavlova pastry, crisp on the outside, all soft and melting on the inside, goes well with an afternoon cup of tea and a sweet sprinkling of thoughtful reflections. One of the earliest of Sharp’s works, The Nymph and the Nobleman was later…

Lise Lillywhite

  ‘When Charles Blagden Lillywhite, born in Somerset, 1873, resident in France since 1900, finally returned to England in 1946, the news of his repatriation did not arouse any strong family enthusiasm. ‘In company with the old man came a daughter, Amélie, and a grand-daughter, Lise….’ The reason for old Charles Lillywhite’s return to his…