Margery Sharp was fashion conscious, but her manner of dress was quite neat and trim. In terms of style, I thought it was time for a new look on the blog; something more Rhododendron Pie than Fanfare for Tin Trumpets. Thought this would be appropriate in preparation for the season of Margery Appreciation Day over at Jane’s blog!

As well, on a practical note, this should make the blog header show up equally well on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Theoretically. The way this blog looked on my phone always troubled me; I finally gave way to a sort of a ‘matching handbag with shoes finished outfit’ mindset that Margery would approve of, I think.

This idea of a facelift reminded me of two interesting visages of the same person, the incomparable actress, Sybil Thorndike.

The first picture shows Thorndike in her role as the malevolent Mrs. Mounsey, one of the creepiest old hags that Margery ever lovingly devised. This role was in the movie adaptation of her novel, Britannia Mews. (movie was called Forbidden Street).


This next picture shows Sybil Thorndike as the gentle and slightly daffy Isabel Brocken, of The Foolish Gentlewoman. This was a play performed at the Duchess Theater, in 1949.

It’s hard to believe they are the same woman!



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