Shabby But Loved…


Some of Margery Sharp’s books earliest books are difficult to impossible to find, but it shouldn’t be that way! Some day, we hope…there will be reprints of these marvelous novels, making them readily accessible for a new generation of readers. I think her earliest novels represent some of her best work, as there is a freshness to them that reflects the renewed energy of the 1920’s and 1930’s.


Back in 2011, or thereabouts, five new D.E. Stevenson books were discovered in an attic. (The story is here🙂 What a find–and how happy the many fans of Stevenson’s novels were to find out that these new books were to be published by Greyladies Books, an Edinburgh publishing house!

Could something like this happen for Margery Sharp? We hope so–and here is a new, virtually unknown novella by Margery Sharp just ‘unearthed’, not from an old attic, but from within the pages of an old, old magazine.

Laura Bodon-Campbell of anglophile carries many of the new Stevenson titles, as well as some Margery Sharp books. Click here for the Margery Sharp catalog.

Laura is always happy to do a book search, if you’re looking for a particular Margery Sharp title. I can vouch for the fact that she is very good at finding some gems!



Your thoughts?

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