Cluny Brown in eBook!


Just a reminder, Margery Sharp fans, that TEN, yes ten!– of her books will be released via Open Road Media Publishing in ebook form. The date? April 12, 2016!

The featured book today is Cluny Brown. I just re-read it, from a preview copy of the eBook, and I really enjoyed the type style and readability of the text. Even better? For me, anyway…Margery Sharp’s books are searchable! I am always looking for favorite passages and quotes, and this new ebook format is going to make that so much easier.

Here, for example, is a favorite short passage:

‘As Andrew and John Frewen were returning from the stables….they were crossed by Cluny Brown, traveling at great speed.
“Who’s that?” asked John
“New maid,” said Andrew indifferently.
“Looks to me like an anarchist,” said John.
Cluny’s appearance was indeed rather wild….’

In her own unique way, Cluny Brown was something of an anarchist. Certainly a character quite unlike the average parlor maid who has crossed the pages of British literature!

Thank you, Open Road Media for bringing this delightful author back to a wider audience.

You can read my full review of Cluny Brown here, and here is the excellent synopsis from the publisher:

‘An unconventional parlor maid upends the lives of an aristocratic family in New York Times–bestselling author Margery Sharp’s delightful comedy of manners set in England before the onset of World War II

Cluny Brown has committed an unforgivable sin: She refuses to know her place. Last week, she took herself to tea at the Ritz. Then she spent almost an entire day in bed eating oranges. To teach her discipline, her uncle, a plumber who has raised the orphaned Cluny since she was a baby, sends her into service to be a parlor maid at one of England’s stately manor houses.

At Friars Carmel in Devonshire, Cluny meets her employers: Sir Henry, the quintessential country squire, and Lady Carmel, who oversees the management of her home with unruffled calm. Their son, Andrew, newly returned from abroad with a Polish émigré writer friend, is certain that the world is once again on the brink of war. Then there’s Andrew’s beautiful fiancée and the priggish pharmacist. While everyone around her struggles to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, Cluny continues to be Cluny, transforming the lives of those around her with her infectious zest for life.’

Synopsis, book and cover courtesy of Open Road Media.

For some fun, additional fashion notes about Cluny’s appearance, read here.

One thought on “Cluny Brown in eBook!

  1. I love that passage you picked, and I’m having a lovely time revisiting Martha and remembering how The Eye of Love won me over. Let’s hope that these books find their audience and the others – especially that oh so elusive first novel – will follow.

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