‘Everything Sparkled’


The title comes from the opening line of Margery Sharp’s late in life book, The Sun in Scorpio. Today, in terms of good literary news, it could be said that ‘everything sparkled‘. Today is the day that Open Road Media is releasing ten of Margery Sharp’s books in ebook format!

Ten, yes ten!! (It is a kind of riches I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to enjoy, but here it is)!

So fire up your Kindle, get thee over to amazon, or the Margery Sharp page at Open Road Media,and be prepared for a delightful reading discovery. Or, for current Margery fans who have long clutched our loved and worn out copies of our favorite Sharp stories, it is so wonderful to be able to read these in ebook format. I love the font that Open Road Media chose, the quality of the books is excellent, (love the cover art!) and now it is easy to take all my favorite Margery Sharp books on the road with me when I travel.

Today is a good day. Sparkle on, Margery!



Your thoughts?

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