Light Fiction’s Little Secret

Here is a review from my files of Rhododendron Pie, Margery Sharp’s first novel. The reviews are about as rare as the novel, itself. I thought this one captured the spirit of the book quite well, and it made me think of other domestic novels of this period that we enjoy. Domestic fiction, light fiction, middlebrow fiction…and many types that fall in between were beginning to increase in popularity. The subsequent reaction of old guard literati, was, to some extent, Sharp’s target with the writing of this fine novel. She gets her point across with her typical style, and I think Mr. Davis said it well:

‘Read it for fun, and you will find yourself digesting some uncomfortable doses of truth, whether you be sophisticate or anti-sophisticate.’ 

Perhaps therein lies the real secret of  ‘light’ fiction!


Note: Ten of Margery Sharp’s books are now available in ebook format, at Open Road Media.

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