Margery Sharp: A Bibliography

The following is a listing of the works of Margery Sharp. It is as complete as I can make it for now. If you see something that is not on this list and should be, I would love to hear from you.

Some of these will be clickable links, to take you to a separate page with a brief (or not so brief) discussion specific to that work. Please be aware that some synopses may contain so-called spoilers; as much as possible I have tried to place these at the very end under ‘Additional Notes’.

Quick stats: Margery Sharp wrote twenty six novels for adults, fourteen stories for children, four plays, several mysteries, and many, many short stories.


General Fiction:

1930: Rhododendron Pie and here

1932: Fanfare for Tin Trumpets (some additional notes regarding A.A. Milne influences here)

1932: The Nymph and The Nobleman

1933: The Flowering Thorn

1934: Sophy Cassmajor

1935: Four Gardens

1937: The Nutmeg Tree

1939: Harlequin House

1940: The Stone of Chastity

1941: The Tigress On The Hearth (approximate date)

1941: Three Companion Pieces–an anthology of three earlier works

1943: No Turning Back—a novella, published, full length, in Cosmopolitan magazine

1944: Cluny Brown

1946: Britannia Mews

1948: The Foolish Gentlewoman

1951: Lise Lillywhite

1954: The Gipsy in the Parlour

1957: The Eye of Love

1960: Something Light

1962: Martha in Paris

1964: Martha, Eric and George

1965: The Sun in Scorpio

1967: In Pious Memory

1969: Rosa

1972: The Innocents

1973: The Lost Chapel Picnic and Other Stories

1975: The Faithful Servants

1977: Summer Visits


Meeting At Night produced London, 1934

Lady in Waiting (adaptation of her novel The Nutmeg Tree) produced New York at the Martin Beck Theatre, March,1940; London, 1941; also performed in French, NY 1941. Produced by Brock Pemberton, directed by Antoinette Perry

The Foolish Gentlewoman (adaptation of her novel of same name) produced London, 1949, at the Duchess Theatre; starring Sybil Thorndike; also produced in French, London, 1950

The Birdcage Room television play, 1954

Movie adaptations

The Forbidden Street (from Britannia Mews)

Cluny Brown (from book of same name)

The Notorious Landlady 1962 (based on a short story, The Notorious Tenant) Miscellaneous

Short Stories, etc... This listing is a work in progress. I have listed them in chronological order. (Contributions welcome). Sharp contributed to numerous magazines and other publications. A part of this list was due to help from an online magazine resource, which has been invaluable, as well as supplementing to the list from my own collection. Adding to the intrigue of attempting to compile an accurate listing is the fact that some stories were published under different names, in more than one magazine or collection. Where known, these have been noted.


Moonshine (pm) The Story-Teller Apr 1923

Drawing-Room Tea (pm) The Story-Teller Jun 1926

Modern, That’s Me! The Windsor Magazine Dec. 1929

Special Messenger (ss) Woman’s Home Companion Feb 1932

Midnight Cabaret (ss) The Passing Show Sep 17 1932

Marriages Are Made in Heaven (ss) Britannia and Eve Sep 1932

London Night’s Entertainment (ss) The Graphic Nov 28 1932

Flight of the Infanta (ss) The Grand Magazine Apr 1933

The Second Step (ss) Harper’s Magazine Jun 1934;  Argosy (UK) Aug 1942

Interlude at Spanish Harbour (ss) The Strand Jul 1934 [also published under this title in the Lost Chapel Picnic And Other Stories collection, 1973–hardbound book; Also published as The Man Who Feared the Water, in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine]

The Snuff Box (ss) The Strand Mar 1935

Camp Follower (ss) Harper’s Bazaar Jul 1935

On The Lake (ss) Harper’s May 1936

Winning Sequence (ss) The Strand Sep 1936 (also in Harper’s, Oct. 1936)

The Salvation of Mr. Clutterbuck (ss) The Strand Oct 1936

Mr. Partridge and the Enemy (ss) The Strand Aug 1937

Lady In Trouble, Harper’s Aug. 1937

Crime at the Coffee-stall (ss) Lilliput Nov 1937

Good Old Julia (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Feb 5 1938 [Julia, Lady Waring]

Table Seventeen (ss) Collier’s Mar 12 1938

Julia Hires Help (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Mar 26 1938 [Julia, Lady Waring]

Party on the Stage (ss) Collier’s Apr 16 1938

Julia Reads a Book (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Apr 23 1938 [Julia, Lady Waring]

Seaside Spell (ss) Collier’s May 14 1938

An Orange Flame (ss) Collier’s Oct 8 1938

You Can’t Forget Me (ss) McCall’s Jul 1939

Face Value (ss) Collier’s Aug 19 1939

Fogbound (ss) McCall’s Nov 1939

The Hyde Park Handicap (ss) Printers’ Pie Dec 1939

Wild Wheat (ss) Collier’s Jan 20 1940

Julia Volunteers (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jan 27 1940 [Julia, Lady Waring]

Be Cute or Starve (ss) Collier’s Feb 24 1940

The Mirror (ss) Collier’s May 11 1940

The Javanese Hat (ss) Lilliput May 1940

Night Engagement (ss) Collier’s Jul 5 1941 and  Lilliput Sep 1941

Much Better Dead (ss) Redbook Magazine Oct 1941

Very Much Alive (ss) Liberty Apr 11 1942

No Turning Back (na) Cosmopolitan Apr 1943

Mr. Hamble’s Bear (ss) Lilliput Oct 1944

The Adventure of the Gent’s Romeo, EQMM Sep 1948

The Lesson — Good Housekeeping March 1950

Amour, Amour — Harper’s Bazaar, Oct. 1951 *

Adventuress at Large (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Mar 10 1951

Thief of Time (ss) Collier’s Aug 9 1952

The Girl in the Grass, (ss) Ladies Home Journal Jun 1953 (The Girl in the Grass was made into a TV movie in 1957 starring Ray Milland and Fay Baker, directed by Ray Milland) *

The Man Who Feared the Water (ss) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Oct 1954 [see above 1939 entry for Interlude at Spanish Harbour, this is the same story]

The Night at Milburn Lodge — Good Housekeeping Oct 1955 *

Notorious Tenant (ss) Collier’s Feb 3 1956

The Lost Chapel Picnic (ss) Woman’s Day Apr 1956 [reprinted 1973 under same name in book of same name along with a collection of short stories by Margery Sharp]

Driving Home (ss) Good Housekeeping Aug 1956

The Perfect Model (ss) Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Feb 1957

A Matter of Opinion (ss) Good Housekeeping Feb. 1957

Scene of the Crime (ss) John Bull Jun 22 1957

After the Interval (ss) Good Housekeeping, July 1957

The Odd Woman (ss) Ladies Home Journal Aug 1958; another source has title as “The Other Woman”.

The Fifth Candle (ss) Argosy (UK) Jun 1960

Something Light,  The Saturday Evening Post Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 23, Oct 29 1960 (the novel, released as a magazine serial)

The Creative Urge (na) Cosmopolitan Aug 1962

Driving Home, (ss) 1959 Argosy (UK) Mar 1964 *

The Anniversary Gift (ss) Ladies Home Journal Feb 1966

Mead, The Atlantic Sep. 1966

In Pious Memory (n.) Ladies Home Journal Apr 1967 [later in book form, see review here]

Why I Choose This Story (is) Argosy (UK) Oct 1967

The Girl Who Won an Island (ss) McCall’s May 1969

The Echo (ss) Ladies Home Journal Jun 1973

The Adventure of the Gent’s Romeo (ss)

Boating Weather (ss)


Note: I’ve listed these separately as well; and I’m still tracking these down, but have confirmed these are additional adventures of Julia Packett, the popular heroine from the previously published novel The Nutmeg Tree. The Saturday Evening Post published ‘brief adventures’ starring Julia from 1938 to 1951.)

Good Old Julia, (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Feb 5 1938 *

Julia Hires Help, The Saturday Evening Post Mar 26 1938 *

Julia Reads a Book,  The Saturday Evening Post Apr 23 1938

Julia Volunteers, The Saturday Evening Post Jan 27 1940




Extra notes

‘The Portrait’ A mystery story found in the anthology of horror/mystery

‘In the Dead of Night’–edited by Michael Sissons, published 1961 London, Gibb and Phillips.

“Risk” Published 1942 in ‘Third Omnibus of Crime’, edited by Dorothy Sayers, Publisher Coward MacCann, Inc. Reprinted in MYSTERY AND ADVENTURE STORIES FOR GIRLS edited by Eric Duthie .
Published 1962, London, Odhams

Mr. Hamble’s Bear, first copyrighted 1939 and printed in 1942 under the title Very Much Alive in Liberty magazine (Macfadden Publishing);  Lilliput Oct 1944 Argosy (UK) Oct 1967; in the “Author’s Choice” series; reprinted in the 1973 anthology of Sharp short stories Lost Chapel Picnic


Winning Sequence,  The Strand Sep 1936, also printed by Harper’s Oct. 1936 (Made into a TV episode on the ‘Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents’ original air date: 8 October 1956 — Season 5, Episode 3)



Her Books for Children

There is already a great deal written about Margery Sharp’s books for children, including this comment by Margaret Greaves in the book Children’s Writers:

‘Only a child who reads well can fully enjoy these books, for their subtlest appeal is that of language itself, a delight in words and the rhythm of words for their own sake. These are books for the connoisseur, and blessedly have no design at all upon the reader except that of entertainment.’

The Rescuers

Miss Bianca

The Turret

Lost at the Fair

Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines

Miss Bianca in the Orient

Miss Bianca in the Antarctic

Bernard into Battle

Bernard the Brave

Miss Bianca and the Bridesmaid

The Magical Cockatoo


The Children Next Door

The Rescuers Down Under

25 thoughts on “Bibliography

    • Great question! Yes–I believe so but I haven’t been able to verify it in all cases. I am still in the process of tracking down Sharp’s various magazine stories and compiling them. Julia is a marvelous character, I agree!


  1. About the Julia stories, at least some are about the heroine of The Nutmeg Tree, and I suppose that all of them are. But when you say you are compiling Sharp’s magazine stories, do you mean that you will be publishing them, and if so when do you think it will happen, and where will one be able to get copies?


    • This is a project that I have stopped and started several times over the years, as other matters in life have had to take precedence. Sadly, unless someone else is busily working on this unknown to me (and that would be lovely) there is no reprint of Sharp’s short stories in the works. The editors of the short story collection ‘The Lost Chapel Picnic’ did a fine job of selecting her choicest, however. Old, and long out of print, but not hard to find a decent copy. Worth it just for one or two of the stories! Thank you for your interest.


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  18. Thank you so much for this comprehensive bibliography. I have all her books except Fanfare For Tin Trumpets and deeply regret not buying it when I saw it online a couple of years ago…but it was five hundred dollars that I didn’t have at the time! What I don’t have is many of her short stories and I thank you again for this list. I started hunting and found a couple of magazines with her stories. I wanted to let you know I found “Driving Home” (listed here under Good Housekeeping) in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine February 1967 Bought it some years ago in eBay and just found I again this morning as I began the short story hunt. Thank you again! So glad so many people love Margery Sharp as much as I do!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you—it is always a delight to hear from another Sharp enthusiast! I am glad to hear the website is useful for you. I will make a note of “Driving Home”, and where it additionally can be found. Thanks so much.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I’m delighted to hear it! Circumstances have forced me away from blogging at present, but I do remember reading when they first announced their intentions to re-publish more Sharp titles. And Rhododendron Pie! At last! I am so thrilled to know that the list of Margery Sharp enthusiasts keeps growing. Thank you for writing and keeping me up to date. I have so many things to add to the blog, and this good news will be among the first when I get back to it.


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