Light Fiction’s Little Secret

Here is a review from my files of Rhododendron Pie, Margery Sharp’s first novel. The reviews are about as rare as the novel, itself. I thought this one captured the spirit of the book quite well, and it made me think of other domestic novels of this period that we enjoy.

‘Everything Sparkled’

The title comes from the opening line of Margery Sharp’s late in life book, The Sun in Scorpio. Today, in terms of good literary news, it could be said that ‘everything sparkled’. Today is the day that Open Road Media is releasing ten of Margery Sharp’s books in ebook format!

Cluny Brown in eBook!

Just a reminder, Margery Sharp fans, that TEN, yes ten!– of her books will be released via Open Road Media Publishing in ebook form. The date? April 12, 2016! The featured book today is Cluny Brown. I just re-read it, from a preview copy of the eBook, and I really enjoyed the type style and…