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I love hearing from other enthusiasts of Margery Sharp’s work. Or, if you are new to this author, and have a few questions, I would be glad to help. I do not consider myself an expert–even after doing this awhile. But I’m happy to try!

There are scads of her short stories out there, in (possibly) mildewed, moldy, and/or collectable magazines…I can’t do mold anymore. Not even a little bit. (long story) So if you come across any of these, and would like to help me contribute to the website, (which would make you awesome) this is an area of research I am trying to fill. Many of Sharp’s short stories are little gems, and I would love to access more of them. Some have sent photocopies of the story only (for remuneration for shipping, etc.) which has been perfect.

My other blog for my own writing and book reviews (older fiction, mostly) is genusrosa.

I can be reached by email at genusrosaATmeDOTcom.

Thank you for visiting.

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