‘Everything Sparkled’

The title comes from the opening line of Margery Sharp’s late in life book, The Sun in Scorpio. Today, in terms of good literary news, it could be said that ‘everything sparkled’. Today is the day that Open Road Media is releasing ten of Margery Sharp’s books in ebook format!


My Current Favorite Tea Party

In reading of this delightful tea party at Chipping Lodge, there are no luminaries present here, to be sure, but Dora Tremayne? Tilly Cuff? What priceless character creations! What masterful sketching of mood! What epic undertones lace the fish-paste tea sandwiches!

Rosa, by Margery Sharp, Heinemann edition, 1969


“My father was a very important person,” said Rosa. Once again Margery Sharp takes us on a sprightly tour through British cultural change. She gives us a bit of Victorian sentiment, a smattering of gauchos and revolution, an old English country house, a diverse assortment of characters who are both keepers of tradition and irreverent ‘thumb-your-nose-at-it’…

Lise Lillywhite

  ‘When Charles Blagden Lillywhite, born in Somerset, 1873, resident in France since 1900, finally returned to England in 1946, the news of his repatriation did not arouse any strong family enthusiasm. ‘In company with the old man came a daughter, Amélie, and a grand-daughter, Lise….’ The reason for old Charles Lillywhite’s return to his…

Three Companion Pieces

This book is an anthology of three novelettes. Although publishing dates and editions vary, they are all early works. You can read more detail about each story on their own page: Sophy Cassmajor The Nymph and the Nobleman The Tigress on the Hearth Sophy Cassmajor (1934) and The Nymph and the Nobleman (1932) were published individually…