The Lutterwells, from The Tigress on the Hearth by Margery Sharp

The Tigress On The Hearth

Hugo Lutterwell, the innocent abroad, is the perfect foil for a Margery Sharp comedy. He has bumbled himself into a potentially deadly situation, and is about to be rescued in a most unconventional way.

Three Companion Pieces

This book is an anthology of three novelettes. Although publishing dates and editions vary, they are all early works. You can read more detail about each story on their own page: Sophy Cassmajor The Nymph and the Nobleman The Tigress on the Hearth Sophy Cassmajor (1934) and The Nymph and the Nobleman (1932) were published individually…

‘So Absurdly Young’

‘She dismissed eternity with a movement of her shoulder.’ (from Fanfare for Tin Trumpets) When Margery Sharp began to write for publication, she showed the usual girlish enthusiasm that young women have for fashions, trends, young men, film stars, and hairstyles. Oh, yes. Hair. The decade was the 1920’s, and we know what that means–Gatsby…